PCE Superplasticizer to Nigeria

PCE Superplasticizer to Nigeria

There is an old customer from Nigeria, who is also a relatively large concrete manufacturer in Nigeria. Before, he purchased large quantities of SNF superplasticizer from our company. Since he is satisfied with our product … Read more

A Customer from Southeast Asia Ordered SNF

A Customer from Southeast Asia Ordered SNF

One of our Southeast Asian customers has ordered SNF powder from Kingsun. He has been using naphthalene-based mixture products as a concrete water reducer, but the these products are relatively expensive, so he wants to … Read more

Sodium Gluconate to Haifa Port

sodium gluconate jumbo bag pallet

Last week, 144 tons of Kingsun sodium gluconate had been delivered to the port of Haifa, Israel. It’s the first time the customer place an order in the Kingsun factory. During the contact with the … Read more

New Order from Old Customer

sodium gluconate to Israel

This week, an old customer from Israel ordered one container of sodium gluconate and two containers of sodium naphthalene sulfonate. Before this, the Israel customer had ordered eight containers of sodium gluconate. After receiving his … Read more

PCE Powder to Bengal

PCE Powder to Bengal

This year, a customer from Bengal ordered a lot of PCE (Polycarboxylate superplasticizer) powder from Kingsun company. It’s the first time that Kingsun PCE powder exported to Bengal, it also marks that Kingsun’s market in … Read more

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate to Syria

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate to Syria

Syria is at a critical stage of postwar reconstruction. As one of Syria’s main trading partners, China has provided a lot of help for the reconstruction of Syria. Kingsun is a leading concrete admixtures manufacturer … Read more

Kingsun Sodium Naphthalene Powder to Israel

Sodium Naphthalene Powder to Israel

In October 2019, a customer from Israel ordered a large amount of sodium naphthalene sulfonate powder from Kingsun. After the sodium gluconate to Israel, it is the first time that Kingsun sells poly naphthalene sulfonate … Read more

Sodium Lignin Sulfonate to Vietnam

Kingsun Sodium Lignin Sulfonate to Vietnam

Sodium lignin sulfonate has high economic efficiency because it has a good effect at a low price. Widely used as concrete water reducer, oil drilling mud dispersant, printing and dyeing diffusing agent, etc. In October … Read more


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