Dispersing Agent MF

Dispersing agent MF is also known as dispersant MF. Its chemical name is formaldehyde condensate of sodium methylnaphthalene sulfonate. Dispersant MF has wide application as a dye builder. It is mainly an anionic surfactant produced by the steps of sulfonation, hydrolysis, condensation with formaldehyde, neutralization, etc. from methyl naphthalene or washing oil. Dispersing agent MF has excellent diffusibility and thermal stability. It is a brown powder, soluble in water, absorbs moisture, non-combustible, non-permeable, or foaming. It also resists acid, alkali, hard water, and inorganic salt. Dispersant MF has an affinity for protein and polyamide fibers, but no affinity for cotton, flax, or other fibers. It can mix with both anionic and nonionic surfactants, but can not with cationic dyes or surfactants.

  • Product Name: Dispersing Agent MF
  • Appearance: Dark brown powder
  • Dispersion Force: ≥95% Min
  • PH Value: 7~9
  • Sodium Sulfate Content %: 5.0% Max
  • Cas No.: 9084-06-4

Functions of Dispersing Agent MF

The dispersant MF has mainly used as a dispersing agent or a filler for vat dyes and disperses dyes. It has the advantages of good grinding effect, good dispersibility, good heat resistance, and good high-temperature dispersion stability. It can make the dye color bright, the color strength increase, and the coloring uniform. Dispersant MF can also compound with various dispersing agents to meet the requirements of various disperse dyes and vat dyes. In addition to used as dispersing agents and fillers for vat dyes and disperse dyes, the dispersing agent also has many effects, such as

  • In the printing and dyeing industry, it can be used for vat dye suspe0nsion dyeing, stable acid dyeing and dispersion, and dyeing of soluble vat dyes.
  • In the tanning industry, it is an Auxiliary agent to make the leather soft and elastic.
  • In the rubber industry, it is a stabilizer for latex to promote rubber vulcanization.
  • In the construction industry, it is soluble in concrete as a strong water reducer. Adding dispersing agent MF to concrete can shorten the construction period, save cement, save water, and increase cement strength.
  • In the paper industry, using this product can help to control the pulp, reduce the two-sidedness, improve the retention of filler or fine fiber, improve the sizing, and reduce the viscosity of the coating.
Item Dispersing Agent MF
Appearence Dark Brown Powder
Dispersion Force ≥95%
PH (1% aq. Solution) 7-9
Na2SO4 ≤5%
Water ≤8%
Insoluble Impuries Content ≤0.05%
Ca+Mg Content ≤4000ppm

Kingsun - Dispersant MF Supplier

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