HEC Cellulose for Paint

  • HEC Cellulose
    HEC Cellulose
  • Product Name: Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
  • Appearance: White to yellowish powder
  • PH Value: 6.0~8.5
  • CAS No.: 9004-62-0
  • HS Code: 3912 3100.00
  • Molar Degree of Substitution(M.S): 1.8-3.0
  • Viscosity(mpa.s): 5-150000

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is white or light yellow, odorless, non-toxic fibrous or powdery solid. It is prepared by the etherification of basic cellulose and ethylene oxide (or chloroethane) Non-ionic soluble cellulose ethers. Hec cellulose has been widely used in petroleum mining, coatings, construction, medical food, textiles, paper making and polymers Polymerization and other fields.

Kingsun HEC Cellulose for Paint

Paint is a chemical mixture that can be firmly covered on the surface of objects to protect, decorate, and other special purposes. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a non-ionic polymer that can be dissolved in cold or hot water to form a colorless and transparent solution. HEC cellulose is a common additive in coatings. With the suspension, thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, film formation, water retention, protective colloid, salt-resistance, and other properties.

Compared with ordinary hydroxyethyl cellulose ether, the thickening effect of Kingsun hec cellulose is more ideal. The dosage can be appropriately reduced, and the cost is also reduced accordingly.

By adding Kingsun hydroxyethyl cellulose ether, the aqueous coating can effectively improve its water retention. Even if it is applied to a large area of dry substrate or super absorbent substrate, the coating with hec cellulose can be formed into a film.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC added to water-based coatings, such as latex paint, has a good performance in many aspects. It has good pseudoplasticity under various shears. When the shear rate is increased, such as stirring, the viscosity of paint decreases. During brushing and roller coating, it effectively reduces splashes and facilitates construction. After painting, due to the decrease in shear rate, the viscosity rises and adheres to the wall and self-leveling to reduce scratches and improve construction efficiency.

Aqueous latex paint with hydroxyethylcellulose added to help pigment dispersion and emulsion stabilization. It will not make the pigment flocculate, and can be well compatible with other auxiliary materials, improve alkali resistance.

  Item Indicators
Appearance White to yellowish flowing powder
Molar Degree of Substitution(M.S) 1.8-3.0
Water(%) ≤10
Insoluble Matter in Water(%) ≤0.5
PH Value 6.0-8.5
Light Transmittance ≥80
Viscosity(mpa.s) 2%, 25℃ 5-150000

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Manufacturer & Supplier

As a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, Kingsun company focus on researching and manufacturing HEC cellulose and other cellulose ethers for many years. We always takes science and technology as the first productivity. And our factory has multiple automatic production lines, so we can guarantee sufficient supply for our customers.

All of our products have passed ISO9001, BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety), OHSAS 18001, and many other certificates.

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