Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate, also known as the sodium salt of gluconic acid, is an organic substance with the chemical formula C6H11NaO7. It is a white powder, non-toxic, and good in thermal stability. So it is very soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Moreover, sodium gluconate always plays an important role in many fields, such as construction industry, textile printing and dyeing, food industry, medical industry, electroplating and film manufacturing and so on. Obviously, its application prospect is very broad.

  • Sodium Gluconate Powder
    Sodium Gluconate Powder
  • Other Name: sodium salt of gluconic acid
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Purity %: 98% Min
  • Tech Grade: Industrial/Food grade
  • PH Value: 6.2~7.5
  • CAS No.: 527-07-1
  • HS Code: 29181600.00

Application in Concrete Production

Sodium gluconate is typically added to the concrete mix during the batching process. It is blended with other admixtures, such as water reducers, superplasticizers, and air-entraining agents, to achieve the desired concrete properties. The dosage of sodium gluconate varies depending on factors like project requirements, ambient temperature, and the specific concrete mix design. 

In construction industry, sodium gluconate can be used as concrete retarder admixture and water reducing admixture. When we add a certain amount of sodium gluconate 98% min to the cement, it can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete. Besides, it can also delay the initial and final solidification time of the concrete.

Concrete Retarder Admixture

It can delay the setting time of concrete, moreover, can extend the working time of concrete from a few hours to a few days without compromising strength. When you need to place concrete for a long time or the weather is hot, this is an advantage. In a word, sodium gluconate retarder has many advantages in the construction industry.

  • Using sodium gluconate can be reduce the Water to Cement (W/C) ratio, so it increases the strength of the concrete and forms a high-quality concrete.
  • Large and heavyweight perfusion construction engineerings are very difficult. Due to the addition of sodium gluconate, the operability of concrete is improved, the setting time is delayed, the contact surface can be avoided on the structure, and the structural strength can be improved.
  • Adding sodium gluconate to the concrete mixture can delay the setting time, this is so important for long or difficult perfusion.
  • In the construction industry, the pre-mixed concrete is made at a central location and delivered by a mixer truck. In this case, it is important to delay the initial solidification time of concrete.
  • Oil well grouting is difficult to operate due to high temperatures. But after adding sodium gluconate powder, the mud can work at 170℃ for several hours.

Water Reducing Admixture

Sodium gluconate can reduce the mixing water consumption of concrete and increase the strength of concrete while maintaining the consistency of concrete, cement dosage and slump. The water to cement ratio (W/C) is constant, in this case, sodium gluconate can improve concrete workability. While the cement content remains the same, it can reduce the water content in the concrete. When the amount of sodium gluconate added is 0.1%, the amount of water added can reduce by 10%. What’s more, sodium gluconate can reduce cement content and save costs for you.

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Retarder
Kingsun Sodium Lignosulfonate in Concrete

In the water treatment industry, sodium gluconate has an excellent effects on corrosion and scale inhibition, so it is widely used as a water quality stabilizer, for example, it can be used as a treatment agent for circulating cooling water systems in petrochemical enterprises, low pressure boilers, and cooling water systems for internal combustion engines.

The ph value of sodium gluconate is alkaline and it also has good chelation and decomposition. So sodium gluconate cleaner has strong decontamination ability. For this reason, it can be used as an industrial oil dust remover. It can also effectively remove bottle stickers, bottle surface water. Besides, it has anti-fouling and rust removal ability.

When used as a metal surface cleaner, sodium gluconate can clean the oil on the surface of the equipment and plating parts, improve the coating finish and prevent the precipitation of hydroxides such as iron and lead in the solution. By cleaning with sodium gluconate, the coating and the steel surface can be firmly combined, so it can meet the special-purpose cleaning requirements of rhodium plating, chrome plating, tin plating, and nickel plating.

As a special cleaning agent for glass bottles, it can be used in many aspects such as in nozzles, pipes, bottle stickers and bottleneck rust and oil stains. Of course, it can be used as a safe detergent for fruits and vegetables. Because this chemical can remove harmful substances such as trace amounts of phosphate.

  • For medicine industry, sodium gluconate can regulate the acid-base balance in the human body, so it can help to restore normal nerve function.
  • It is also important in medical, for example, sodium gluconate can maintain extracellular osmotic pressure and volume, regulate acid-base balance, and exert normal functions of neuromuscular.
  • Besides, it can be used as a nutritional supplement and  prevent hyponatremia.

Sodium gluconate could form complexes with metal ions that influence the appearance and stability of cosmetic products. It is especially used in cosmetic and personal maintenance systems due to its chelating characteristics.

Adding sodium gluconate in shampoos and cleansers to improve their lather by sequestering hard water ions. It can be found in toothpaste to sequester calcium, which helps prevent gingivitis. And it can be present in soaps and face creams.

When used as a food additive, sodium gluconate can increase the sodium content in the human body, and reduce the occurrence of hyposodium syndrome. Sodium gluconate in food has many advantages, such as excellent taste threshold, no irritation, no bitterness and so on. In addition, its salt taste is close to that of edible salt, and its threshold is much higher than other organic acid salts.

  • Replace salt. It not only can reduce sodium absorption in the body, but also has a good soothing effect on nervousness. In fact, related studies have shown that excessive intake of sodium induces the production of hypertension. The salty taste of sodium gluconate is close to that of salt, while its content of sodium is only a quarter of that of salt. Compared with other low sodium salts, Acid sodium salt has some advantages, such as no irritation, no bitter taste or salty taste, it has become the best substitute for salt.
  • Improving food flavor. In the food industry, the flavor is the most important indicator for measuring the sensory function of food. In fact, studies have found that gluconic acid sodium salt has the effect of masking the bitterness of food and improving the taste. All in all, it has a significant effect on the improvement of food flavor.

In industry, glucose-containing substances (such as grains) are generally used as raw materials, and gluconic acid is prepared from glucose by fermentation, and then neutralized by sodium hydroxide to obtain sodium gluconate. In addition, we can also synthesize sodium gluconate by electrolysis and oxidation.

Item Sodium Gluconate
Appearance White crystalline powder
Purity % 98 Min
Loss on drying % 0.50 Max
Sulfate (SO42-) % 0.05 Max
Chloride (Cl) % 0.07 Max
Heavy metals (Pb) ppm 10 Max
Reduzate (D-glucose) % 0.7 Max
PH (10% water solution) 6.2~7.5
Arsenic salt(As) ppm 0.2 Max
Packing & Loading 25 kg/PP bag, 26tons in 20’FCL without pallets; 1000kg/Jumbo bag on a pallet, 20MT in 20’FCL; 1150kg/Jumbo bag on a pallet, 23MT in 20’FCL;

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