Water Reducer Commonly Used in Construction

Sodium Naphthalene in Concrete

At present, water reducing admixtures mainly include lignin series, naphthalene series, resin series, molasses series and polycarboxylic acid, etc., and various types are also divided into air-entraining agents and non-air-entraining agents. According to its influence … Read more

Concrete Workability

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Retarder

Concrete workability means that the concrete mixture is easy to construct and operate (mixing, transportation, pouring, tamping) and can obtain uniform quality and densely formed concrete performance. Workability is a comprehensive technical property, including fluidity, … Read more

Situation of Concrete Water Reducer Industry

Construction Site

Concrete water reducer is widely used in construction. They are usually divided into lignosulfonate water-reducing agents, naphthalene-based superplasticizers, melamine-based superplasticizers, sulfamate-based superplasticizers, fats family superplasticizers, polycarboxylate superplasticizer. The role of concrete water reducer The water-reducing … Read more

The Role of Water Reducing Agent

Sodium Gluconate in Concrete

Water reducer, also known as dispersant plasticizer, is a widely used admixture, mainly used in the mixing of concrete. Water reducing agents can improve the structure and process of concrete, increase workability and hardening performance, … Read more

Preparation Technology of Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate in Food

Main Preparation Technology of Sodium Gluconate: At present, the main production methods of sodium gluconate 98% min include Biological fermentation, Homogeneous chemical oxidation, Electrolytic oxidation, and Multi-phase catalytic oxidation, all of them have been widely … Read more

Sodium Gluconate Industry Development

Sodium Gluconate Food Grade

Kingsun sodium gluconate is a polyhydroxy organic acid salt widely recognized by the industry and users. It is a deep processed product of glucose, and it is also the basic raw material for the preparation … Read more