Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)

Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC) is a water-soluble cellulose ether derivative made from natural cellulose through chemical modification. It is an important water-soluble cellulose ether. It is a white or slightly yellow powder, which is odorless, non-toxic, and tasteless. Polyanionic cellulose has good salt resistance, thermal stability, good film formation, and it is a powerful emulsifier for oils and fats. The mud fluid prepared by this product has good water loss reduction, inhibition, and high-temperature resistance. Widely used in oil drilling, especially brine wells, and offshore oil drilling.

  • Poly Anionic Cellulose Powder
    Poly Anionic Cellulose Powder
  • Product Name: Poly Anionic Cellulose
  • Appearance: White or light yellow powder
  • PH Value: 6.5~9.0
  • CAS No.: 244-66-2
  • HS Code: 3912310000
  • Degree of Substitution(D.S): 0.9 Min
  • Purity(%): 65 Min

Products ModelThe Main Technical Indicators

Degree of Substitution(D.S)

Purity(%)Fluid Loss(ml)Apparent Viscosity  (mpa·s)PH ValueMoisture(%)
Note:The products comply with standards of GB/T 5005-2010 standard and API 13 A, in addition, the PAC can be produced and provided as the customers’application requirements.

Application of Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)

Poly anionic cellulose is a water-soluble organic polymer that can be dissolved in water to form a transparent liquid with a certain viscosity. It can be widely used in many fields in industrial production and has good thickening, viscosity, and adhesion, suspension, water retention, emulsification, dispersion, and stability.

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) is a water-soluble polymer organic compound that can be easily dispersed in all water-based drilling fluids, including freshwater, seawater, saturated saline, and other drilling fluids. It is mainly used for offshore drilling and deep wells on land. In low solid phase drilling fluids, PAC can significantly reduce the amount of filtration loss, reduce the thickness of mud cakes, and have a strong inhibitory effect on sheet salinization.

In building construction, it is used in mechanized construction such as masonry walls, plastering, caulking, etc. After adding polyanionic cellulose polymer, it can thicken and retain water and play a retarding role, which is convenient for large-scale construction and can also increase the strength of buildings. Used for stucco plaster, plaster, caulking plaster, water-resistant putty, can significantly improve water retention and adhesive strength, and it has good workability, no cracking, and so on.

In the textile industry, PAC polyanionic cellulose is used as a sizing agent, printing and dyeing thickener, textile printing, and stiffening finishing, which can replace the higher price of natural vegetable gum. The product has a high degree of substitution, good sieving performance, and uniform dyeing. It can make the surface of the veil smooth, wear-resistant, and soft. Thereby increasing the production capacity of the loom. The texture of yarn and cotton cloth with PAC pulp is light, it is not easy to deteriorate and mold, and it is easy to save. Poly-anionic cellulose used as a sizing agent can improve solubility and viscosity, and is easy to desizing; it can also be used as a finishing agent for textiles, especially permanent anti-wrinkle finishing, which can bring durable changes to the fabric, and has low cost and high-cost performance.

Used as a thickener, suspending agent, and film-forming agent in water-based coatings, which can make the product stable and uniform in color development, good mold resistance, good leveling, and easy application, and improve the flexibility and gloss of the coating. 

In the paper industry, it is widely used for surface sizing of coated paper and light coated paper and can be used as a paper surface smoothing agent, coating agent, sizing agent, etc. Poly anionic cellulose (PAC) has a film-forming ability. Adding 0.1% -0.3% PAC to the pulp can increase the strength of the paper by 50% and increase the surface tension by 1-2 times. At the same time, it makes the paper uniform, the ink easily penetrates during printing, and the edges of the printed matter are clear. The paper treated with the polyanionic cellulose aqueous solution is coated with a metal salt solution such as iron and lead can make a waterproof and oil-proof paper. 

It can be used as stabilizers, emulsifiers, skincare agents, to adjust viscosity, stabilize solutions, and enhance detergency in synthetic detergents, soaps, toothpaste, skin creams, shampoos. Used in detergents can keep white fabrics white and bright in color fabrics; used in soaps can make perfume dyes evenly distributed in soap bodies.

In a ceramic mortar, polyanionic cellulose mainly plays the role of water retention, thickening, suspending, and bonding, so as to control the rheology and drying time of the mortar and improve the adhesive bond of the glaze. According to the types of porcelain, mortar performance and seasonal temperature, all models of the high, medium, and low viscosity products can be used. PAC is generally used as a green body enhancer in ceramic green bodies, it can improve the plasticity of the green body and the flexural strength of the green body, and improve the green product yield.

poly anionic cellulose is tasteless and non-toxic, easy to dissolve, high viscosity, strong shape retention, and can be stored for a long time without spoilage, so it widely used in the food industry. For example, it can be used as a viscous agent and extender when processing jam, sherbet, syrup, and spicy soy sauce. It can be used in snack food to make the tissue uniform, fine and beautiful in appearance; It can also be used as a film-forming agent for the surface treatment of vegetables, fruits, eggs, and tea leaves to maintain its original color and flavor for a long time. High-purity, high-substitution, acid-resistant PAC products can be used to reduce the use amount as much as possible, improve food quality, and extend the shelf life.

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