Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate

Sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde, also called SNF/PNS/FND/NSF, can be used as a high efficient concrete superplasticizer. In fact, snf superplasticizer is widely used in the cement and construction industry. For example, it has a strong dispersion of cement particles and high water reducing-rate on concrete. Adding it into concrete can not only save cement and improve the workability of concrete but also speed the construction progress up. This product has a good effect on preparing variety concretes, such as large flow concrete. Besides that, it can improve the performance of concrete.

  • Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Powder
    Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Powder
  • Product Name: Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate
  • Appearance: Light Brown Powder
  • Type: SNF-A, SNF-B, SNF-C
  • PH Value: 7~9
  • CAS No.: 36290-04-7
  • HS Code: 38244010

Kingsun Naphthalene Based Superplasticizer

  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Instructions

1. Reduce cement. If the concrete strength and slump are basically the same, cement consumption can reduce by 10-25 %.

2. As water reducer, improve the water reducing rate. When the water-cement ratio is constant, the initial slump of concrete can increase by more than 10 cm, and the water-reducing rate can reach 15-25%.

3. The early strength of concrete. As long as using it, the strength of concrete can increase by 20-60%.

4. Improve the properties of concrete. Putting it into concrete can improve the workability of concrete.

5. Good adaptability. Naphthalene sulfonate has good adaptability to many types of cement, moreover, it is compatible with other types of concrete admixtures.

6. Good safety. Non-irritating or radioactive, non-dangerous.

7. Proper set time. In other words, it has little effect on the initial and final setting time of the cement.

Applicable to many types of cement. Such as portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag portland cement, fly ash Portland cement, etc.

Suitable for many concretes. Such as high strength concrete, high-performance concrete, steamed concrete, large fluid concrete, pumped concrete, etc.

Can prepare on-site pumping concrete with a large slump.

Widely used, such as in highways, bridges, dams, port terminals, tunnels, electric power, water conservancy, and civil engineering construction, etc.

Especially suitable for concrete construction in winter.

SNF powder is added in an amount of 0.5%~1% of the weight of the gelling material.

You can add 0.5%~0.75% of naphthalene based superplasticizer to save cement and improve the workability of concrete, add 0.75%~1.2% when preparing high-grade concrete and pre-stressed high-grade concrete.

Adding naphthalene superplasticizer powder and the concrete composition material at the same time, as the result of it, the mixing time will extend for half a minute.

Formulating naphthalene sulfonate into the liquid, you should stir the concrete for a period of time, and then put it in concrete. So that snf naphthalene can give concrete better technical effect.

This product can also be used in conjunction with other concrete admixtures that meet national standards.

As using porous aggregate, please add water first and then add water reducing agent.

When the slump is large, it should be noted that the vibrating time should not be too long to prevent bleeding or stratification.

It should be protected from moisture when stored. In the case of moisture agglomeration, it must be dissolved in hot water and added together with the concrete mixed water, and the water content is deducted.

When the concrete takes a long time to transport or use the mixer truck, it is a good method to mix the concrete and sodium naphthalene sulphonate before use.

Solid Content (%) ≥ 92%
PH Value 7-9
Na2SO4 Content (%)≤ 5 10 18
Chlorine Content (%)≤ 0.3 0.4 0.5
Net Starch Fluidity(mm)≥ 250 240 230
Water Reducing Rate(%) 26 25 23
Packing 25kg pp bag; 650kg Jumbo bag. A customized package is available.

Kingsun - Naphthalene Sulfonate Manufacturer & Supplier

Henan Kingsun Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional construction chemical manufacturers & suppliers in China. Moreover, KINGSUN has focused on researching and producing various types of high range water reducing agents for many years. There are several advantages of our company.

Firstly, we have our own research and development team. We now have over 600 employees, including more than 300 employees with senior title, high technology and professional. Because of advanced science and technology, a high level of management team, advanced detection and testing device, Kingsun is certificated as AAA Enterprise, Top 100 enterprises of China Light Industry, etc.

Second, the products from KINGSUN have exported to around 60 countries and regions, such as India, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Kingsun company also has established a long, deep and cooperative relationship with famous universities and research centers to enhance the combination of production and science research. Because we are trying our best to improve quality and save production costs for customers.

Third, Kingsun company owns these product certificates, for example, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 occupational health, and safety management system, etc. So the quality of our products can be guaranteed.

At last, our factory sells our products at a good price. If you would like to know the naphthalene superplasticizer price, then please contact us. we will be happy to help you.

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