Sodium Gluconate Food Grade

Food grade sodium gluconate is recognized as a harmless food additive. It is white powder. As a food additive, food-grade sodium gluconate can increase the sodium content in the human body and reduce the occurrence of low sodium syndrome. Sodium gluconate for food has many advantages, such as excellent taste threshold, no irritation, no bitterness. Besides, its salt taste is close to salt, and the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salts.

  • Sodium Gluconate Food Grade
    Sodium Gluconate Food Grade
  • Product Name: Sodium Gluconate
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Purity %: 99% Min
  • Tech Grade: Food grade
  • Product specifications: 25kg /PP bag
  • Main use: Food additives

Sodium Gluconate Uses in Food

sodium gluconate is used as a food additive because food-grade sodium gluconate can balance the alkaline acid value in the human body and soothe the nervous system of the human body. Sodium gluconate food additive in the green food industry can play the role of nutritional supplements, food preservatives, quality improvers, and PH buffers, which can greatly improve human health and enrich people’s lives.

Sodium gluconate food grade itself has a good taste and has the function of masking bitterness and odor. For example, it is superior to other organic acid salts in covering fish odor and bitterness of magnesium ions. Sodium gluconate food additives can obviously improve the taste of high-sweetness sweeteners such as aspartame, stevioside, and saccharin. In addition to masking the odor and improving sweetness, sodium gluconate in food can reduce the taste in food. It can reduce the strong and savory taste to an acceptable level.

Food-grade sodium gluconate can adjust the PH value of food to achieve the effect of preservation. The buffer pH value of sodium gluconate is 3 to 4, which is suitable as a buffer in the low pH range. For example, when the pH of the beverage is below 4, the general sterilization time is 10 minutes at 65℃, which not only ensures the sterilization effect and saves energy, but also ensures the taste of the beverage.

In the production and use of green food, shelf life is a big problem. For example, sometimes fresh vegetables need to be transported to other places after being picked. This requires the vegetables to be able to adapt to a long time to transport and to maintain nutrition and freshness. Appropriate use of food-grade sodium gluconate can achieve the effect of food preservation and nutrition for a long time. Besides, it has no side effects on the human body. We often put food in the freezer of the refrigerator in order to store the food well. However, long-term freezing will cause the food to taste worse. At this time, sodium gluconate for food can also be used to maintain the original moisture in the food.

sodium gluconate food grade can balance the body’s alkaline and acid. It plays a very important role in maintaining cell volume and osmotic pressure and can prevent hyponatremia. It has a soothing effect on the nerves.

In recent years, more and more people advocate a green diet that is low in salt. It requires products that can reduce the negative impact of salt on the human body and can present the nutrition and taste of salt. The taste and bactericidal and corrosion inhibition effects of food-grade sodium gluconate make it a substitute for table salt in food processing.

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Food Grade

Henan Kingsun Chemical Co., Ltd. produces and sells industrial grade sodium gluconate, food grade sodium gluconate and many other types of admixtures. After years of continuous innovation and development, the company’s sales scale has gradually expanded. At present, Kingsun’s products are exported to many countries and regions in the world. The company is technology-oriented, constantly innovates, adopts domestic advanced production and processing technology, and has multiple automatic processing production lines to fully realize industrial automation control. All technical indicators of the products meet international standards. If you are looking for sodium gluconate or other kind of additives, leave a message below or send an e-mail, we will respond you as soon as possible.

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