Dispersing Agents

Dispersing agents, also called dispersant additives, are to reasonably disperse various powders in the solvent, through a certain charge repulsion principle or polymer steric hindrance effect, so that various solids are stably suspended in the solvent (or dispersion). Dispersant is a kind of surfactant with two opposite properties of lipophilicity and hydrophilicity at the same time in the molecule.

They can evenly disperse the solid particles of inorganic and organic pigments that are difficult to dissolve in liquids, and at the same time, it can prevent the sedimentation and agglomeration of the solid particles, and form the medicine required for the stable suspension. 

Kingsun Dispersing Agents for Sale

In the coating production process, pigment dispersion is a very important production link, which is directly related to the storage, construction, appearance and performance of the paint film, so the reasonable selection of dispersant is a very important production link. However, the quality of the dispersion of the coating slurry is not only related to the dispersant, but also has a certain relationship with the formulation of the coating formulation and the selection of raw materials. 

The main function of dispersant is to reduce the interfacial tension between liquid and liquid or between solid and liquid, so dispersant is also a surfactant. There are two types of dispersing agents for sale in Kingsun, they are dispersing agent NNO and MF. The following is their detailed introduction:

Dispersing agent MF is an anionic surfactant with excellent diffusibility and thermal stability. It is a brown powder, soluble in water, absorbs moisture, non-combustible, non-permeable, or foaming. And it resists acid, alkali, hard water, and inorganic salt. Dispersant MF has an affinity for protein and polyamide fibers, but no affinity for cotton, flax, or other fibers. It can mix with both anionic and nonionic surfactants, but can not mix with cationic dyes or surfactants.
  1. Dispersing agent MF is used as an abrasive dispersing agent in the case of reducing and dispersing dyes, and can also be used as a diffusing agent in the manufacture of dye.
  2. Dispersant MF is mainly used in the printing and dyeing industry as a vat dye suspension dyeing, stable acid dyeing and dispersion, and dyeing of soluble vat dyes.
  3. It can also be used as a stabilizer for rubber industrial latex, and as an auxiliary for the leather industry.
  4. It is soluble in concrete as a high range water reducing agent, which can shorten the construction period, save cement, save water, and increase cement strength.
Item Dispersing Agent MF
Appearence Dark Brown Powder
Dispersion Force ‚Č•95%
PH (1% aq. Solution) 7-9
Na2SO4 ‚ȧ5%
Water ‚ȧ8%
Insoluble¬†Impuries¬†Content ‚ȧ0.05%
Ca+Mg¬†Content ‚ȧ4000ppm

The main component of the dispersing agent NNO is sodium methylene bis naphthalene sulfonate. Dispersant NNO is an anionic surfactant with excellent diffusibility and protective colloid properties. It is a light brown powder, soluble in any hard water. It has an affinity for protein and polyamide fibers, but no affinity for cotton, flax, or other fibers.

  • Mainly used as a dispersant in disperse dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, and leather dyes. With good grinding effect, solubilization effect, and dispersity.
  • Used in pigment pad dyeing, leuco acid dyeing process, the dyeing of disperse dyes, and soluble reduced dyes. Used in the dyeing of silk-cotton interweaving fabric can keep the silk from dyeing.
  • As spread fertilizer in lake manufacturing, the stabilizer of rubber latex and auxiliary tanning agent of leather.
  • It can also be used in textile printing and dyeing, wettable pesticides as dispersing agents, papermaking dispersing agents, electroplating additives, water-soluble coatings, dispersing agents for pigments, water treatment agents, carbon black dispersing agents, etc.
ItemDispersing Agent NNO
Diffusion rate (for standard) %95.0 min
PH value (1% aqueous solution)7-9
Sodium Sulfate content ÔľÖ5 Max
Insoluble in water content %0.05 Max.
Content of calcium and magnesium %0.4 Max.

Using dispersing Agents can reduce the time and energy required to complete the dispersion process, stabilize the dispersed pigment dispersion, modify the surface properties of the pigment particles, and adjust the mobility of the pigment particles, which are embodied in the following aspects:

Shorten dispersion time, improve gloss, improve tinting strength and hiding power, improve color development and toning, prevent floating color, prevent flocculation, prevent sedimentation, increase transparency, increase storage and stability, etc.

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