Cellulose Ether

Cellulose ether is a kind of synthetic high molecular polymer prepared by chemical modification from natural cellulose, which occupies an important position in cellulose derivatives. Among the water-soluble polymers, cellulose ethers are famous for their rich resources and excellent performance, and have a very broad development prospect. Its appearance is generally white or milky white, odorless, non-toxic, fluid fibrous powder, easy to absorb moisture, and dissolves into a transparent viscous stable colloid in water.

As one of the most important chemical raw material, cellulose ether powder can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, oil drilling, paper, ceramics, synthetic washing, daily chemical products, graphite products, pencil manufacturing, cigarette, paint, construction glue, and other industries. There are five different types of cellulose ether powder for sale in Kingsun. They are Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), and Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC/HEMC). Please contact us online to get the latest cellulose ether price list!

Main Applications of Cellulose Ether

Cellulose ethers have two main uses in the paper industry: pulp addition and surface sizing. Adding three thousandths to five thousandths of cellulose ether in the pulp can increase the vertical and horizontal tension of the paper by 30% to 50%. For surface sizing, especially coated paper, it is a water-retaining agent that cannot be replaced by other adhesives. It always plays a very good role in the flatness and smoothness of paper.

In recent years, cellulose ethers have also been developed and utilized in the oil drilling industry, and its production level and variety have also made great progress. And the cellulose ether for drilling also occupies a place in the international market.

In other industries, such as dry powder mortar building materials, water-resistant putty powder (paste) for interior and exterior walls, binders, fillers, interface agents, water-based coatings, self-leveling agents and other new building materials industries, the use of cellulose ether products has also been significantly improved.

  1. Thickening and thixotropy. Cellulose ether can endow wet mortar with excellent viscosity, can significantly increase the bonding ability between wet mortar and the base layer, and improve the anti-sag performance of mortar. It is widely used in plastering mortar, brick bonding mortar and external wall insulation system. The thickening effect of cellulose ether can also increase the anti-dispersion ability and homogeneity of freshly mixed materials, prevent material delamination, segregation and bleeding, and can be used in fiber concrete, underwater concrete and self-compacting concrete.
  2. Water retention. It has excellent water retention, which can prevent the moisture in the wet mortar from evaporating prematurely or being absorbed by the base layer, and ensure that the cement is fully hydrated, thereby finally ensuring the mechanical properties of the mortar. , Mortar for construction under dry conditions. The water retention effect of cellulose ether can change the traditional construction process and improve the construction progress. For example, plastering construction can be carried out on water-absorbing substrates without pre-wetting.
  3. Air-entraining. It has obvious air-entraining effect on fresh cement-based materials. Cellulose ether has both hydrophilic groups (hydroxyl groups, ether groups) and hydrophobic groups (methyl groups, glucose rings), and is a surfactant with surface activity, thus having an air-entraining effect. The air-entraining effect of cellulose ether will produce a “ball” effect, which can improve the working performance of the freshly mixed materials, such as increasing the plasticity and smoothness of the mortar during operation, which is conducive to the spreading of the mortar; it will also increase the output of the mortar , reduce the production cost of mortar; but it will increase the porosity of the hardened material and reduce its mechanical properties such as strength and elastic modulus.
  4. Retarding (delaying the hydration process of cement). Kingsun Cellulose ethers will prolong the setting time of cement paste or mortar, and delay the hydration kinetics of cement, which is beneficial to improve the operability time of freshly mixed materials, improve the consistency of mortar and the loss of concrete slump over time, but may also cause delay the construction progress.

After the ether of cellulose in the mortar is dissolved in water, its surface-active effect ensures that the gelling material is effectively and uniformly distributed in the system. Cellulose ether, as a protective colloid, wraps solid particles and form a lubricating film on its outer surface. The formation of a lubricating film makes the mortar system more stable and also improves the fluidity of the mortar during the stirring process and the smoothness of the construction.

The cellulose ether solution due to its own molecular structure characteristics, so that the water in the mortar is not easy to lose, and in a long period of time gradually released, giving the mortar good water retention and work.

Professional Cellulose Ethers Manufacturer in China

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