Concrete Workability

Concrete workability means that the concrete mixture is easy to construct and operate (mixing, transportation, pouring, tamping) and can obtain uniform quality and densely formed concrete performance. Workability is a comprehensive technical property, including fluidity, The meaning of cohesion, and water retention.

Fluidity: refers to the performance of fresh concrete that can flow under its own weight or mechanical vibration, and fill it evenly and densely into all corners of the formwork.

Cohesion: It is the performance of fresh concrete that has a certain cohesion between its constituent materials during the construction process so that the concrete does not delamination and segregation.

Water retention: the ability of fresh concrete to keep moisture from being separated out during the construction process.

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The main factors affecting the workability of concrete:

(1) Composition materials: including cement properties, water consumption, water-cement ratio, aggregate properties, etc.;
(2) Environmental conditions: including temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.;
(3) Time: As time goes by, part of the water evaporates or is absorbed by the aggregate, the mixture becomes dry and thick, and the fluidity decreases.

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