Preparation Technology of Sodium Gluconate

Main Preparation Technology of Sodium Gluconate:

At present, the main production methods of sodium gluconate 98% min include Biological fermentation, Homogeneous chemical oxidation, Electrolytic oxidation, and Multi-phase catalytic oxidation, all of them have been widely studied in China.

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Powder
Sodium Gluconate Powder

In industrial production, Biological fermentation and Multi-phase catalytic oxidation are more widely used. In which Multi-phase catalytic oxidation method has simple process, mild reaction conditions (all kinds of the gas-liquid-solid three-phase hybrid reactor under atmospheric pressure can be used, reaction temperature control under 60 ℃), generally shorter reaction time, high conversion rate, less “three wastes” and easy processing, the characteristics of this method is the key performance of the catalyst and the circulation use of the number of times. The polyphase catalytic oxidation method has great advantages and application potential through multiple applications of catalysts, overcome the disadvantages of expensive metals and deactivation of catalysts.

A certain amount of glucose solution was prepared and added into the flask(F4), an appropriate amount of catalyst was added into the flask and the temperature was kept constant. Air is added to the solution, and a certain concentration of NaOH is added continuously to maintain a certain pH. The solution was cooled, filtered (the catalyst was recovered), the filtrate was condensed and crystallized by vacuum distillation, and the sodium gluconate crystal was obtained after air drying.

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