Kingsun PCE Superplasticizer to Middle East

There is a customer from the Middle East who has been importing a series of water reducing agents (such as SNF and PCE superplasticizer) from China. But due to his previous supplier failed to deliver on time, so he contact our company by Google search. After communication, he planned to purchase several containers of PCE superplasticizer from us. Although our quotation was slightly higher than his previous supplier, it was still within a reasonable range, so the customer was happy to cooperate with us for the first time.

After confirming the order information and delivery date, our factory also produced the PCE product actively, and packaged according to the customer’s requirements. Finally, we delivered the goods to the customer’s destination port smoothly in the shortest time.

When the Kingsun PCE superplasticizer was put into use, the Middle Eastern customer was very satisfied with our product. He said that the our product purity and cost-effectiveness are very high, which also helps to reduce their overall cost a lot. Fortunately, he also listed our company as their long-term supplier, and hoped to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our company.

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