Water Reducing Admixture

Water reducing admixture, also called water reducing agent or concrete water reducer, is an additive to reduce water consumption while the concrete slump is basically unchanged. The main purpose of using water reducing admixture can reduce the amount of water, increase the strength of concrete, improve the workability of concrete. What’s more, they can save cement consumption and reduce costs. In a word, in construction industry, water reducer not only plays an important role in concrete applications, but also become more and more popular. Therefore, the market prospect of water reducers is also very good.

Different Types of Water Reducing Admixtures in Concrete

According to the different water-reducing ability, water-reducing agents can be divided into two categories: ordinary water reducing admixtures and high-performance superplasticizers. Both sodium lignosulfonate (SLS) and calcium Lignosulfonate (CLS) are ordinary water reducing admixtures. While naphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer and polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PCE) belong to superplasticizers. Of course, their functions, prices and costs are also different.

As a leading concrete admixtures manufacturer and supplier in China, Kingsun always provides high quality products, competitive prices and good services for all the clients. The following is a detailed introduction of these products:

Sodium lignosulphonate is a common concrete water reducer in concrete and its raw material is lignin. It can be used in a mortar to improve the workability, fluidity, and strength of concrete. The water reduction rate of sodium lignosulphonate is between 5% and 10%. Sodium lignosulphonate has three functions. They are namely dispersion, venting, and initial hydration inhibition.

Main uses of sodium lignosulphonate:

Firstly, it can reduce water consumption and increase the strength of cement.

Secondly, it can improve the workability and fluidity of the concrete while maintaining the same amount of water and strength.

Thirdly, it can reduce the amount of cement used and the amount of water used to maintain the same strength.

ItemsSodium Lignosulfonate
AppearanceYellow Brown Powder
Dry Matter %92 min
Lignosulphonate %60 min
Moisture %7 max
Water-insoluble matter %0.5 max
Sulfate (as Na2SO4) %4 max
PH Value7.5-10.5
Content of Ca and Mg %0.4 max
Total reducing matter %4 max
Content of Fe %0.1 max
PackingNet 25kg PP bags; 550kg jumbo bags;

Calcium lignosulfonate can be used in concrete engineering. So it is mainly used as a concrete water reducer. It has the functions of adsorbing and dispersing cement, and improving various physical properties of concrete. The following are its main features:

  1. Without changing the water consumption of the concrete, the fluidity of the concrete can be increased, the workability can be improved, and the project quality can be improved.
  2. The dosage is 0.20-0.30% of the cement dosage, and the usual dosage is 0.25%, which can reduce the water consumption by 8-12%.
  3. While keeping the concrete slump and strength the same as the reference concrete, 8-10% of cement consumption can be saved.
  4. It can improve the impermeability and freeze-thaw performance of concrete, and is non-corrosive to steel bars and aggregates.
Index itemsStandard valueTest Results
AppearanceBrown powderMeets the requirement
PH value8--108.2
Dry matter≥92%95
Inorganic salts(Na2SO4≤5.0%2.3
Total reducing matter≤6.0%4.7
Water insoluble matter≤4.0%3.67
Calcium magnesium general quantity≤1.0%0.78

Sodium naphthalene (SNF) belongs to the second generation of superplasticizer. It is a product of naphthalene sulfonation by sulfuric acid and condensation with formaldehyde and is an anionic surfactant. The appearance of naphthalene type concrete water reducers could be light yellow to dark brown powder depending on the product. It is easily soluble in water and has a good dispersion effect on many powder materials such as cement. The water reduction rate of SNF superplasticizer can reach 25 percent. 

Main characteristics of naphthalene superplasticizer

  • When the strength and slump are basically the same, the amount of cement can reduce by 10% to 25%.
  • When the water-cement ratio is constant, the initial slump of concrete can increase by more than ten centimeters, and the water reduction rate can reach 15% to 25 percent.
  • It has a significant early strength and enhancement effect, and its strength can increase by 20-60%.
  • It can improve the workability of concrete, adapt to various types of cement. Moreover, it is compatible with other types of concrete admixtures.
  • Particularly suitable for use in the following concrete works: fluid concrete, plasticized concrete, steamed concrete, impervious concrete, waterproof concrete, natural curing precast concrete, steel and prestressed reinforced concrete, high strength ultra high strength concrete.
Solid Content (%) ≥92%
PH Value7-9
Na2SO4 Content (%)≤51018
Chlorine Content (%)≤
Net Starch Fluidity(mm)≥250240230
Water Reducing Rate(%)262523
Packing25kg pp bag; 650kg Jumbo bag. A customized package is available.

Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer (PCE) is the most advanced high range water reducing admixture in the world because it has the highest technological content, the best application prospect, and the best comprehensive performance. Compared with the performance of similar products at home and abroad, the polycarboxylate high range water reducer admixture has reached the international advanced level in terms of technical performance index and cost performance. Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a new type of superplasticizer with unique performance and no pollution. In general, it is an ideal admixture for high-performance concrete.

Compared with other water reducing agents in concrete, polycarboxylate superplasticizer has many advantages in performance and production, such as high water reduction rate with a low dosage, the loss is small when the slump is light, less impact on cement setting time, good adaptability to cement.

PCE(High Water Reduction)PCE(High Slump Retention)PCE-Powder
AppearanceLight Yellow LiquidClear Transparent LiquidWhite Powder
Solid Content, %50±1.050±1.098±1.0
Density (23℃) (kg/m3)1.13±0.021.05-1.10600±50
Chloride Content,% ≤
Na2SO4 (by solid content), % ≤
SolubilityCompletely Soluble
Water reducing ratio, % ≥25
PackingFor PCE liquid, the packing of PCE liquid is 230kg PE drum, 1100kg IBC tank or flexitank.For PCE Powder, 25 kg PP woven bags.

Do You Know More About Water Reducing Agents

The use of concrete water reducing admixtures is recommended both to avoid excessive cement content at a given free water/cement ratio at the desired consistency grade and to reduce any tendency to excessive bleeding by minimizing free water content.

As a kind of admixture, the functions of concrete water reducing agent can be summarized as follows.

  • It can reduce the unit water consumption of concrete mixing without affecting the workability of concrete, thereby reducing the water-cement ratio and effectively improving the strength of concrete.
  • It does not reduce the performance of the concrete mixture except the unit water consumption, can significantly change the workability of the concrete mixture, reduce the construction energy consumption, and facilitate the construction;
  • Reduce the strength of concrete mixture, reduce the hardening time of concrete, and reduce the amount of cement per unit of concrete, thereby saving cement and reducing costs.

Advantages of water reducers in concrete

  • Increase the durability of concrete.
  • High initial concrete compressive strength.
  • Reduce the permeability of concrete.
  • Can be used in hot weather for better concrete pumping, placing and placing.

Mid-range water reducers consist of chemical mixtures designed to reduce the water-cement ratio in concrete. Compared to other water reducers, mid-range water reducers can reduce the water required for concrete mixes by up to 15%.

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